Employer Brand

In today's competitive job landscape, establishing a strong employer brand is a key. We assist companies in defining and communicating their unique values, culture, and vision, crafting an employer brand that appeals to top talent. Our approach ensures that your organization distinguishes itself as a preferred employer, attracting and retaining the best candidates in your industry.


Researching the Market

Exploring market trends and dynamics to gather insights

Brand Audit

Evaluating the current strengths and weaknesses of the employer brand

Define EVP

Distinguishing offerings that make the client an appealing employer

Identify Target Segments

Pinpointing the specific groups within the target audience

Goal Setting and KPIs

Defining clear objectives and establishing KPIs to measure the success of the employer branding efforts

Craft Authentic Message

Developing a message that accurately communicates the client's Employer Value Proposition

Choose Topics and Channels

Choosing key themes and appropriate communication channels to effectively promote the employer brand

Communication Guidelines

Developing comprehensive instructions for utilizing each communication channel

Assign Responsibilities and Implement Controls

Identifying individuals responsible for each aspect of the strategy and controlling its implementation

Monitor and Iterate

Continuously oversee the strategy's performance, making adjustments as needed for ongoing success


Project based work: 70$/ h

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