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Case study
5 min to read1 February, 2024
Case Study Surveillance

Project dates: Apr 2021 - ongoing;

Business Context

Luxriot, a company in the security industry, tasked us with recruiting highly skilled C++ software developers. They sought professionals whose salary expectations align with industry standards. The client also emphasized the need for these individuals to be located within the European time zone to facilitate seamless communication.


Throughout the recruitment process, we developed a Google worksheet featuring a curated list of candidates. This worksheet was structured to enable the client to conveniently add comments, modify the hiring procedure, and provide feedback. Leveraging our internal recruitment strategy, we began showcasing suitable candidates within the first week.

The client acknowledged that every candidate we presented was of exceptional quality and within their specified budget, leaving them the task of choosing the very best among them.

Project summary

The summary from Clutch: "Brainy Agency provided extremely high-quality candidates and concluded the recruitment process in a quick and seamless manner. They were very efficient and detailed in their recruitment process. Overall, they stood out from their competitors due to their excellent service."


Partner's Review

The client

Introduce your business and what you do there.

I’m the COO of LUXRIOT. We’re in the security and investigation industry.

The challenge

What challenge were you trying to address with Brainy Agency?

We had the challenge of hiring well-qualified software developers at a price level on par with our industry. For example, if we were Google, we could hire a developer for a million dollars a year, but in our industry, there isn’t such a budget. We can’t spend half a million or a million dollars a year on software development. We needed good software developers at a budget price.

Overall, we were looking for remote employees. The geography was extended, but we specified the area. We wanted people to be in European time zone so we could fully communicate.

The solution

What was the scope of their involvement?

We hired Brainy Agency as a recruitment agency to find qualified software developers for us. They looked for 2–3 software developers, and then they decided how many candidates they should source for us.

We provided them with our required qualifications, and they started feeding us candidates almost immediately. In 2–3 days, the candidates started to flow. We don’t know how they filtered the candidates; I believe they had a database with people that were looking for a new job.

They initially gave us a list of four, and they added 1–2 candidates every day. They sourced them either actively or passively. Compared to previous experiences, they did a great pre-screening of the candidates.

How did you come to work with Brainy Agency?

It was a cold approach. We were contemplating hiring more people, and they chose the right moment to introduce themselves as a recruiting agency that could help us find exactly what we were looking for.

They didn’t charge any upfront fees; they started to work for free. Other recruiting agencies we used before required some kind of collateral upfront, and if they found someone good for us, we needed to pay commission. If they didn’t, there was no skin off my nose, and that’s why we signed an agreement with Brainy Agency.

How much have you invested with them?

Brainy Agency charges 10% of a candidate's gross annual salary. Half of that is due when a candidate starts their job, and the second half is due after a three-month probation period. If a candidate doesn't go through the probation period, Brainy Agency guarantees to find a replacement candidate, free of charge. In our case, we have filled two vacancies totaling €13,800 (approximately $16,900 USD).

The outcome

What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

In our previous experiences with recruiters, if we had four people for one vacancy and we let them know that none of them were a fit, they would provide two more, and then we would get a call saying we were too picky. With Brainy Agency, the number of candidates was overwhelming and every person was worth hiring; we could maybe disqualify a maximum of two.

Also, some recruiters do simple things like matching keywords, but Brainy Agency understood our exact requirements and found the right candidates, fitting our budget as well.

How did Brainy Agency perform from a project management standpoint?

They did it very fast. We’d never had such a quick and seamless experience working with a recruitment agency. It was somewhat amazing, and I believe they can match their deadlines for hiring.

We communicated over email. For the recruitment process, they established a Google worksheet with the candidates and their CV attached, as well as their basic information — salary, when they could start, and more. In that worksheet, we were able to put in our own information; whether we disqualified that candidate, were in the middle of the interview process, or how successful it was.

What did you find most impressive about them?

It was the quality of the candidates that they supplied to us. They were all top-notch, high-quality candidates within the budget that we had outlined. My whole team — including HR, a project manager, and the lead developer — told me that they’d never had such a good list of candidates. We were choosing from the best of the best.

Are there any areas they could improve?

They could lower the price, but the results have paid off, so they charge well. Based on all of our previous experience, this was the best one we’ve ever had, so I have no comment on what could be better.

Any advice for potential customers?

First of all, I would recommend Brainy Agency to friends and industry colleagues. They really did a great job. Secondly, they proved that they do a great job looking for software engineers, but I can’t say if they’re as efficient in other areas as well. It remains to be seen how they’d perform on salespeople or mid or upper management.

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Kateryna Shostak

Head of Recruitment

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