Professionals in the hiring of IT Specialists
Why Brainy?
We are experts in advising professionals on making the right career choice and finding them the perfect match with our clients. We help our clients grow their business by recruiting the best professionals in the world.

Save time. Get quality

We are not going to send you hundreds of irrelevant resumes; it will be only 3-5 resumes per vacancy, but those that will hit the target

Innovative approach

We use Top Recruiting software tools and constantly develop our own ideas. Our passion moves us step forward

Access top talents

Your best candidates are passive job seekers. Our recruiters have the huge network of such Top IT professionals from Europe

Success that is Guaranteed

Payment is made only after the candidate joins the company. Your business is backed by our 100%, 3 month rebate guarantee

We work with candidates around the world
Search Options
Local Markets - your country/city locals
Relocation - worldwide relocation of IT specialists
Remote - location/office independance
Our Recruitment Expertise
Software Engineering
# Web # Mobile # Desktop # Backend # Frontend # Fullstack # eCommerce # CRM/ERP/SAP # Game(3D/2D/VR)
Project Delivery
# Business Analysts # Project Managers # PMO Analysts/Managers
# Development # Administration # Architecture # Analitycs
Testing & Quality Assurance
# Manual / Automation Engineer # Non-functional Testers # Heads of Test # Test Leads
BI, Data Analytics & Science
# Business Intelligence # Data Analytics # Data Science # Big Data
IT infrastructure Administration
# Devops # Cyber Security # System & Network
  1. Firmware
  2. Networking
  3. Healthcare
  4. IoT
  5. Multimedia
  6. FinTech
  7. Automotive
  8. GameDev
Pay only when you make a hire

Our fee depends on

  • * 1st monthly salary of your new hire
  • * Number of open positions

Bonus system. If you give us:

1 position : 1 recruitment fee 2 - 4 positions : 0,9 * recruitment fee 5 and more positions : 0,8 * recruitment fee

*This payment system operates regardless of whether the vacancies were given to work immediately or gradually

What do you get?

  1. Personal manager
  2. Dedicated recruitment team
  3. Huge wordwide database and best practices in recruitment
  4. Time saving, cost redusing, free replacement
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